Against the Wind

I’ve been running an obstacle course race for the last 4 years. I don’t run the race for time or to break any records. I do it for fun. The obstacles are optional and the mud and muck are too (mostly).

I don’t skip any obstacles. I do them all. And I love running through the mud even when it’s optional. I opt for the difficulties. I choose to take the tougher path.

But life is not an obstacle course race. You shouldn’t opt for the difficulties because everyone else is. You shouldn’t choose the harder path because others are on that path.

We sometimes think life is about struggles. We think if we can just make it from one struggle to the next gracefully, then we are doing okay. But there’s a better way. We could spend time looking for the easier… and probably less traveled path.

What are your obstacles? Where can you avoid the common obstacles and instead focus on the easier path?

Believe me, the obstacles will come without you looking for them. Opt out of the ones that don’t make sense. That will leave you space and energy to opt into the other opportunities that are presented to you.

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This post was written by Josh Layhue

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