Can Practicality and Art Coexist?

I’m an engineer at heart. I think this gives me an advantage in many areas because my desire is to implement creative solutions to difficult problems. But it’s also a hinderance when it comes to “problems” that don’t necessarily have an answer. Like… which is the best color to use for your company logo? Or what is the ideal copy to use on your website?

These problems don’t have a black and white answer. They are an experiment in what works. No matter how well they work, there could always be better solution – or a worse one.

So I go back to the original question. Can practicality and art really coexist? Can a creative thrive in a world of fast-paced decisions? Can a practical thinker thrive in a world where there are no answer keys?

The hard part is not in pushing through your discomfort in each area. It’s about knowing what field you’re playing on before you start. It’s about knowing what “finished” looks like.

If you’re working on a creative project, get in the mindset that you aren’t finished when you have an answer. You’re finished when you have something that you can test to see if it resonates with the market.

If you’re working on a practical project (like fixing a problem with a website), get in the mindset that you are finished when the problem is resolved.

You have to be on the right field before you know how to keep score.

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This post was written by Josh Layhue

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