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Starbucks has nothing to do with coffee

The stress on the New York City streets is nearly tangible. Men in business suits with their neckties blowing in the wind are scurrying like cockroaches from the light while women are running in high heels and pencil skirts, sure to be just on time for their next meeting. Horns are blowing and cabs are being hailed at a rate... View Article

When Did YOU Stop Believing?

The fat man in the red suit just left a few days ago. We’re still cleaning up after his yearly visit. With four kids — three of them 10 or under — Christmas time is something special. The pure excitement on the faces of our kiddos when their ever-growing feet hit the living room floor is enough to bring tears to this guy’s eyes.... View Article

The 5 Best Entrepreneur Books that You Need to Read

Many moons ago I was a scrawny 8th grader. I was always the shortest in my class, but I guess I had a little charm. 10 minutes until test time. A literature test on a book I hadn’t read a word of. I’m talking I didn’t even crack open the cover. So I did the only thing a desperate young... View Article

Famous People Don’t Know Everything

I’m a consumer. I read tons of books. I listen to podcasts every day. I read blog posts and Tweets and Facebook status updates. Every time I see a name that I recognize as being “famous,” I assume that the words they are saying are somehow more profound than anything I could think of. And sometimes they are. But what... View Article