Current Projects (in no particular order)

PROJECT NAME: Nibble Nutrition/Nibble App


As a society, we are pretty good at using technology to keep people alive, but we are very bad at using technology to keep people health. Nibble Nutrition is aiming to fix that.


We have a suite of products planned, but our first product is a modern nutrition tracking app. I know what you’re thinking, we already have plenty of those. We agree that there are plenty on the market, but they all are effectively doing the same thing: giving you an electronic version of a written log. There’s very little utility. Our product, Nibble, is much more than a nutrition log. It’s a lifestyle integration app that happens to focus on nutrition.


PROJECT NAME: Ghost Creativ

There’s a quality and ethics problem in the web development and online marketing space. Companies are taking money to do a job that they can’t deliver on a timeline they can’t hit and producing quality lower than expected.

Ghost Creativ is predicated on quality first. We work with businesses looking to obtain significant growth in the next 12 months. We focus on social media campaigns to increase engagement and grow sales. Our primary focus is e-commerce businesses, but we’re willing to help anyone that is committed to their business.


Past Projects (also in no particular order)

PROJECT NAME: The 30 Day Business

My friend Max and I are working on a 30 day business project. The goal is to create a profitable business in just 30 days. We are starting without an idea of what the product will be on Day 1 and we have a goal of generating at least $1,500 in revenue by day 30. We have some guidelines like: the business must always remain net positive, we must begin with $0 is startup capital, we can’t use crowdfunding or monetary investments of any kind, etc. You can see all of the guidelines here.

Update: This project ended in the summer of 2016. You can see the video archive here: The 30 Day Business


PROJECT NAME: Naked Leadership

I believe that entrepreneurs live a lot of their life on an island. In our area there are a lot of networking groups, but there aren’t a lot of deep discussions and – dare I say – support groups. The idea came from a blog post from Paul Graham entitled “How Not to Die.” The essence behind the blog post is that the greatest predictor for success/failure at Y-Combinator was showing up. When individuals stopped showing up to meetings and stopped responding to email, they failed. The successful companies just showed up more and interacted with the group. This is very much like the beginning of the 12-steps used in support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. Interestingly, my friend Andy and I had the same idea about this project at the same time. Mine stemmed from Paul Graham’s article. Andy’s came from his work with 12-steps programs. We met. We chatted. We started.

Update: Andy Kerr has continued with this project in an amazing fashion. Find out more here:



My current passion is helping local businesses understand how to convert their customers into a community. I believe several things to be true about local businesses and their role in a community:

These are the problems that I address through both consulting and building tangible assets such as websites, social media marketing campaigns, etc. via my web agency Feel free to contact me via email or text (814-580-8197) if you want to chat about how to grow your.

Update: has been upgraded as Ghost Creativ.