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Against the Wind

I’ve been running an obstacle course race for the last 4 years. I don’t run the race for time or to break any records. I do it for fun. The obstacles are optional and the mud and muck are too (mostly). I don’t skip any obstacles. I do them all. And I love running through the mud even when it’s... View Article

Can Practicality and Art Coexist?

I’m an engineer at heart. I think this gives me an advantage in many areas because my desire is to implement creative solutions to difficult problems. But it’s also a hinderance when it comes to “problems” that don’t necessarily have an answer. Like… which is the best color to use for your company logo? Or what is the ideal copy to use... View Article

What if we all did it?

If you’re like me, you believe that you have a purpose in life. You believe that you were created to do something. Maybe you know what it is; maybe you don’t. Either way, you do have a purpose. What would the world be like if every single one of us was living our purpose? What diseases could be cured? What... View Article

Are Free Websites the Right Solution for Small Business Owners?

Companies offering free websites – like Wix, Weebly and Yola – are popping up everywhere.  I love free stuff. I use tons of it. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution for your small business. When you’re bootstrapping your business – which is often a great approach – I completely understand that free tools can be your life... View Article

Sometimes it’s hard because it has to be

One of my favorite books of all-time is “The Last Lecture” by a man named Randy Pausch. If you’re not familiar with the story, Randy was a beloved professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He was scheduled to give a lecture in the “Last Lecture” series. This series was formed to allow the professors to share the last words that they had... View Article

Starbucks has nothing to do with coffee

The stress on the New York City streets is nearly tangible. Men in business suits with their neckties blowing in the wind are scurrying like cockroaches from the light while women are running in high heels and pencil skirts, sure to be just on time for their next meeting. Horns are blowing and cabs are being hailed at a rate... View Article

The one skill that trumps them all

I’m a software nerd so you and I both know the stereotype. I’m sitting at my desk right now pushing my glasses up my nose, typing on my Macbook, listening to Rush, drinking Mt. Dew, eating Fritos and chatting with my best friend (also single) using my ear-covering headset as I play World of Warcraft on my second screen. And... View Article

When Did YOU Stop Believing?

The fat man in the red suit just left a few days ago. We’re still cleaning up after his yearly visit. With four kids — three of them 10 or under — Christmas time is something special. The pure excitement on the faces of our kiddos when their ever-growing feet hit the living room floor is enough to bring tears to this guy’s eyes.... View Article

I can’t hear you: an 80-year-old lesson I screw up every day

I’m not good at meeting new people. I worry about saying something stupid or, more than anything, not having anything to say. I typically don’t talk alot. But when I have something new and exciting to talk about, I can’t wait to tell everyone. Common sense (and some of the “pros”) tell you that you have to get out there... View Article

Change Your Perspective in One Easy Step

The walk is only 650 steps each way. I know – I’ve counted them on numerous occasions. It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon nearing 12:30PM. Light clouds, the kind that aren’t quite thick enough to look truly white, are brushed across the sky. The temperature is somewhere between ideal and perfect. The hum of airplane engines periodically drown out the signing birds... View Article