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It’s All about the Jump

About 8 years ago I took a trip to Virginia to visit my best friend. This is the kind of friend that you’ve known for as long as you can remember. The one that has seen you do the dumbest things imaginable and will never EVER let you forget about them. Paul is that guy and I love him to... View Article

You Have My Attention – Now What?

It’s kind of hard to get my attention, but not as hard as you think. The reality of the situation is that you have my attention all the time, you simply don’t know what to do with it. EXAMPLE: This morning, I was awake at 5:15 AM thanks to a 6-year-old whose name I will not mention. After tucking Luca... View Article

5 Ways to Ignite and Inspire Community Development

Communities all over our country are falling apart. Jobs are being lost. Corporations are packing up and moving. Small businesses are closing at astounding rates. It’s getting harder to retain the bright young minds that were born and raised there. Entrepreneurs aren’t skeptical of their ability to succeed in these towns. It’s not good. Given the facts, we can choose... View Article

Filling the Gap

In my community – and in yours – there is a gap. It’s a gap between what the community could look like and what it does look like. Each day we get to decide if we are going to be on the positive or negative side of that gap. We could talk about how you ended up on whatever side of the gap you’re... View Article

How a tiny genius can change your life

If you have kids, you know what noise is. You hear it all day… every day. That incessant chatter sometimes bothers me to the point where I totally block it out. Not because the noise itself is annoying, but because I think I’m above listening to what seems on the surface to be nonsensical ramblings. Much like an iceberg, the... View Article

365 Inspirational Quotes to Last Year All Year

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like I’m the only one that struggles, that second guesses myself and wonders if I’m really cut out for this entrepreneurship thing. If you sometimes fall into that boat too, inspirational quotes are a great way to get your mindset back on track. This article contains 365 quotes to get you... View Article

The 5 Best Entrepreneur Books that You Need to Read

Many moons ago I was a scrawny 8th grader. I was always the shortest in my class, but I guess I had a little charm. 10 minutes until test time. A literature test on a book I hadn’t read a word of. I’m talking I didn’t even crack open the cover. So I did the only thing a desperate young... View Article

Famous People Don’t Know Everything

I’m a consumer. I read tons of books. I listen to podcasts every day. I read blog posts and Tweets and Facebook status updates. Every time I see a name that I recognize as being “famous,” I assume that the words they are saying are somehow more profound than anything I could think of. And sometimes they are. But what... View Article

4 Reasons You Should Be Glad You Don’t Have More Followers

I fail at almost everything that I do. I post blogs that no one reads. I sell products that no one buys. I even try to give away free content that no one wants. But it may make you question my sanity even more when you know that I’m not planning to stop any time soon. I don’t have a... View Article